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Christmas Grinchyyyy 8oz Candle

Christmas Grinchyyyy 8oz Candle

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Embrace the mischievous merriment of the season with our "Christmas Grinchyyy" candle. Feeling a bit Grinchyy this holiday? Light this whimsical candle and watch the enchanting scent fill the air, transforming any scrooge-worthy mood into a festive celebration. Let the fragrance capture the essence of the Grinch's heartwarming transformation, blending notes of mischievous greenery with a dash of holiday cheer. This candle is your ticket to turning the grinchiest moments into a whimsical, joy-filled celebration. Illuminate your space with the magic of the Grinch and let the holiday spirit glow!
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Grinchy Frosted berries and Christmas Cheer

How to Use

Light candle and let it burn for a few hours. Trim wick in between each lighting.


Soy wax, Phthalate/Paraben Free Fragrance, ECO WICK

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